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As our Private Client, you’ll gain a team of experts dedicated to helping you reach your goals and you’ll have access to an expanded portfolio by tapping into our expertise in legacy planning, private equity and more. At MHW, we’ve cultivated more than 75 years of commercial real estate knowledge to maximize your wealth management.

MHW strives to purchase portfolio assets with a weighted average capitalization rate (“cap rate”) between 7-8% and exit cap rates between 6.5-7%. Careful attention is placed on thoughtful design and sustainability to allow our investors to be paid a preferred return of 7% on their invested capital with an additional income distribution at year-end. Our target properties are industrial, medical, and retail assets within the state of Texas. MHW uses a prudent amount of leverage to develop each asset which allows us to generate greater investor return, spread and mitigate risk, and construct a larger and more diversified portfolio.

Our investment focus is rapidly appreciating, high cash flow, income-producing, real estate assets Our investment focus is rapidly appreciating, high cash flow, income-producing, real estate assets


Preferred Return of 7%
Assortment of property types, locations, and tenants.
Experienced team for asset management.
Stable cash flow
20+% annualized target return with moderate risk profile.
Quarterly distributions beginning once Properties are cash-flow positive. Preferred returns are accumulated from the date of investment.

Competitive Advantage

MHW uses a proprietary research and acquisition process to uncover the highest quality assets in our chosen asset classes. These assets are sourced by our research team who use advanced technology in the identification process and can evaluate opportunities quickly. This prevents opportunity loss in the funds invested. Our goal is to have identified assets during the fundraising process to put investments to work immediately. Additionally, our sponsor team has a combined 112 years of experience in investments in these asset classes.

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