Land Acquisition: A Quick Guide

Oct 15, 2020

What is Real Estate Land Acquisition?  

Acquisition refers to the process of procuring land or maintaining an interest in land with the intended goal of making improvements. Land acquisition refers to the process of acquiring land for real estate based interests or reasons. The type of real estate ventures that are associated with land acquisition mainly cater to mixed-use purposes. It is important to note that land acquisition is uniquely separate from the term, “land assemblage,” which is a feature or tactic utilized in the land acquisition process. A cornerstone in the land acquisition process is the securing of entitlements such as land use rights or zonigh rights. These entitlements are imperative to land acquisition because it becomes almost impossible to acquire land without them. While a fruitful methodology of real estate investing, land acquisition can be an arduous task due to the nature or prospects falling through and other unexpected problems that may arise. These obstacles make land acquisition a difficult path to take in the world of real estate investing. However, finding partners who can assist you throughout the process remains a successful method of overcoming the inherent obstacles of land acquisition. 

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