A Quick Guide to Tenant Retention 

Sep 15, 2020

Tenant Retention: What is It?

Development and construction remains one of the cornerstone services we provide at MHW. There is much that goes into proper development and construction. The process is one that requires diligence, knowledge, and the commitment to follow the process all the way through from start to finish. From building efficiency, to profit management, as well as providing the exceptional service that only MHW can provide, there are many moving pieces when undergoing a new project. At the heart of all these moving pieces is tenant retention.

Tenant retention is centered around keeping stable and reliable tenants so that properties can thrive in the long term. A consistent tenant will naturally allow for a steady stream of income. This is due to the fact that tenant turnover can be a costly affair. Often costing anywhere between $1,000 to $5,000, tenant turnover can be a financial burden and disruption for your investment. Minimizing tenant turnover and properly strategizing how you can maintain a stable relationship with tenants is a sure proof way of avoiding tenant turnover and the costs that come with it. If long term investments are important to you, you will want to make sure that your relationship with your tenant is properly maintained. 

At MHW, we can properly manage your next construction and development project and all the aspects that come with it. We can help strategize and analyze how to enhance your investment process so you can feel assurance in whatever you pursue. Whether you are looking for brokerage services, development and construction services, or are looking for your next property investment, our team is here for you. We take pride in creating long-lasting relationships with our clients. Email us at info@edwards127.sg-host.com or give us a call at 281-651-4898 to get the service your investments deserve.