Real Estate Partnership Syndications: The How and the Why

Oct 1, 2020

What is a Real Estate Partnership Syndication? 

Syndication as a general concept is characterized as control being transferred to a management group or organization. In real estate, it means forming a team that shares a common investment interest. Whether that interest is a piece of property or multiple properties, a partnership syndication is all about teamwork. This type of investment structure is similar to a joint venture, however a partnership syndication involves a larger team than that of a joint venture. This often means the introduction of more capital in whatever is being invested in. Monetarily, it is often common for shares of the investment to be given out to each of the partnership syndication members. Partnership syndications can offer a wide range of investment opportunities for those involved in real estate thanks to the involvement of a group of individuals rather than a pair. Having a group means having a more diversified set of skills, resources, and backgrounds to accomplish investment goals. If teamwork, collaboration, and more capital represent some of the key elements you desire in regards to your next investment, then a partnership syndication may be just the thing for you. 

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